Who are we?

The Independent Order Mechanics Preston Unity Friendly Society Incorporated (I.O.M.P.U.F.S. Inc) is governed by the M.E.G.L. which is made up of various members who has attained the High Priest Degree and are in good standing within their subordinate Lodge. These esteemed members having attained the knowledge of the various degrees of the Order and their workings both written and unwritten, carrying themselves in a dignified manner and above reproach, as ambassadors of our noble Order.
The M.E.G.L. is subdivided in two sections “The Principal Officers” and “The Executive Committee”. These two sections of the Most Excellent Grand Lodge, take care of the day-to-day operations of the Order.

The following are the Principal Officers:

The Most Excellent Grand Master (MEGM)

Venerable Bro. Montgomery Waldron

Excellent Deputy Grand Master (EDGM)

Venerable Bro. Leroy Allman

Excellent Order Secretary (EOS)

Venerable Bro. Denston Lyte

Excellent Grand Treasure (EOTr)

Rt. Worsh. Bro. Richard Cox

Excellent Grand Senior Deacon (EGSD)

Venerable Bro. Cuthbert St. Juist

Excellent Grand Tyler (EGTy)

Venerable Bro. Willgo Waalring

The additional of the Officers of the Executives Committee are:

Excellent Grand Junior Deacon (EGJD)

Rt. Worsh Bro. Neville Cameron

Excellent Grand Ind. Guard (EGIG)

Venerable Bro. August Seymorson

Excellent Grand Trustee (EGTus)

Venerable Bro. August Deekman

Excellent Grand Trustee (EGTus)

Venerable Bro. Darlington Hackett

Excellent Grand Chaplain (EGCh )

Venerable Brother Gregory Mathurin
In addition all Venerable are members of the Collage of Venerable Past Grand Masters.
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